Company "SERVICE PARTNER" offers a full range of services

Technical supply
Main activities of the company - integrated logistics. Delivery on the court the entire spectrum and technical supplies, including emergency and rescue equipment, and spare parts for marine diesel engines and auxiliary equipment. 
The supply of food. Delivery of food to ship applications. 
Rescue equipment. The delivery and organization of inspections and repairs rescue, aids to navigation, fire-fighting, navigation, appliances and tools. 
Cleaning services:
  • Hydrodynamic wash with the use of biodegradable chemicals tanks, fuel tanks, bilge spaces, machinery and machine parts. 
  • Chemical wash all types of heat exchangers (water-water, water, oil, etc.), boilers, air conditioners, etc. directly on the vessel without disassembly. 
  • Hydrodynamic and mechanical cleaning of ballast tanks. 
  • Cleaning all surfaces (including multi sediments) of petroleum products. 
  • Elimination of the consequences of the spill oil on the water and soil surfaces and solids. 
Cleaning and painting:
  • Hydrodynamic, mechanical preparation surfaces by painting. 
  • Colouring vessels and onshore structures. 
Works conducts an experienced technical staff with the help of modern equipment. The service is available in all the Baltic countries. We guarantee a high quality of work and efficiency.


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