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Company "SERVICE PARTNER" was founded in 1998. The main area of concern remains the bunkering vessels servicing, which includes all types of supplies, food, spare parts as well as domestic and foreign production, the organization and conduct of ship operations. 

The "SERVICE PARTNER" serves as a supplier of products world-renowned manufacturers: 

  • "PPG Protective & Marine Coatings" (until August 2007 known under the trademark "Ameron") paint coatings for ships, offshore oil drilling platforms (gas), mining and processing industry, energy, engineering, train transportation, maintenance - reconstruction, industrial production, water supply and water treatment plants. All paint coatings have all necessary certificates maritime classification societies, hygienic certificates and certificates of conformity. g of the ship in the dock, painting during the operation of the facility, as well as the inspection process of painting. 
  • "Marine Care" - the manufacturer of chemical products. "Marine Care" is a follower of the Dutch company "Vecom", which was founded more than 50 years ago and has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality chemical products. "Marine Care" was established in 1996 and is the result of the division "Vecom" to the "Marine Care" and "Drew Ameroid". All products are produced according to technology and recipes, spent patriarch, which gives high quality and ease of use of chemistry for those who previously used products "Vecom." 
  • "ENT" -  and the installation of ultraviolet disinfection systems for water, air and surfaces for use in marine and river vessels and shore facilities. All products are certified in accordance with the appointment (RMRS, certificate of compliance, hygiene conclusion). 

You can also buy products: 

"MolySlip" - multipurpose lubricants molybdenum. 
"Loctite" and "Devcon" - adhesives, sealants, cold welding. 

Company "Service Partner" offers full service on: 

  • chemical and hydrodynamic cleaning (washing), heat exchangers, tanks, ballast and fuel tanks, machinery and machine parts, systems
  • elimination of the consequences of the spill oil on the water and soil surfaces and solids
  • Surface preparation and colour ships and shore structures 

Works conducts an experienced technical staff with the help of modern equipment. The service is available in all the Baltic countries. We guarantee a high quality of work and efficiency. 

The "Service Partner" is working closely with other companies to provide comprehensive services to the courts. 

Our major customers are: 
OOO "Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft", UAB Zaprybsbyt, UAB Transonega-Shipping, RUSSOCHART Shipping GMBH, INOK-NV, LIMARCO Shipping Co, Aquaship Ltd, Nordstar LLC, SMS ShipManagement "Translogistic LLC".


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